Academy Medical is an organization borne of former military service members.  Our DNA as a company is based in the military values that we learned during service to our country; integrity, attention-to-detail, service, selflessness.  Our focus as a company is to improve clinical outcomes and improve the quality of life for veterans and service members through the products and services we sell to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD).


Our commitment to giving back to the veteran community extends beyond healthcare.  As of June 2017, one- third of Academy Medical’s employee population is veterans.  Firm believers in the ethos of the US Military to never leave a soldier behind, we push military experience, veteran status, and families of veterans to the top of our list of prospective employees because in addition to making us stronger, the veterans working at Academy Medical take great pride in knowing that everything we do is to support the VA or DoD medical mission.

We believe that just because some military occupations don’t have a direct civilian job equivalent, the lack of a corresponding civilian position doesn’t mean that veterans don’t have transferrable skills.  Known for their reliability, veracity, and work ethic, Academy Medical offers veterans hiring preference, particularly for service-disabled veterans.